Apparently the Millers have been royalty (Scottish, English, Norwegian, Irish, Danish and French) from the 9th century until 1406 when we started mixing with regular folk (oh well).

As well as having descended from royalty (which explains their genteel manner) the Miller's are also direct descendents from at least two Saints (Saint Margaret of Scotland go here for the connection and Saint Olga of Kiev, go here for the connection) which probably explains their beatific disposition.

We can trace our family back 62 generations to Augustus Caesar (63 BC - 14AD) the first emperor of the Roman Empire (go here) and 35 generations back to Alfred the Great (849-899).

Assuming the data on the web site is reliable and accurate then the following connections are true.

Scotland: Starting with Robert Miller it's 20 generations back to hit John Earl of Carrick (King Robert III of Scotland (1340-1406 go here for the steps) and 38 generations will go all the way back to Kenneth I (810-858) the first king of Scotland go here for the rest of the steps. It is also 20 generation back to William Wallace (Braveheart)

Scotland/Ireland: Kenneth I ancestors include Fergus mor Macerc the legendary founder of Scotland in 501, Muireadhach Tireach King of Ireland in 356, Niall Noígíallach  of the High Kings of Ireland and even earlier High Kings of Ireland such as
Túathal Techtmar from 56 AD.) It's 65 generations to get back this far (go here for the steps from Kenneth I back to Túathal Techtmar).

England/Norway: We are also direct descendents of the Kings of England (28 generations to  Henry the I and 29 to William I the Conqueror and 31 to King Edmund II) as well as the King of Norway (Harald the III) go here for the connections. For a step by step trip back go here.

France/ Saxony (Germany): French nobility (King Robert II and Hugh Capet and Robert I, and Henry I Fowler (the Duke of Saxony and a German King) go here for the 30 steps.

Denmark: We are only 34 generations from Harthacnut (born c. 890) who was a legendary King of Denmark. He is alternatively given as the son of an otherwise unknown "Sweyn," or, as presented by Ragnarssona þáttr, of the semi-mythic Viking chieftain Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, himself one of the sons of the legendary Ragnar Lodbrok. Go here for all the steps back.

Holy Roman Empire: We are only 36 generations back to Charlemagne, who is numbered as Charles I in the regnal lists of France, Germany and the Holy Roman Empire for the steps go here.   It's also possible to back 48 generations to  the Emperors of Rome including Constantine  and Valentinian (go here). From Valentinian you can go even further back to some of the most famous Roman Emperors, go here.

Other royals include the Kings of Sweden, Kiev, Poland, Jutland  for the steps back (30 generations) go here

for more details about the Scottish line go here

Robert I of Scotland


Robert III of Scotland