Kenneth MacAlpin and known in most modern regal lists as Kenneth I (810 – 13 February 858) was king of the Picts and, according to national myth, first king of Scots, earning him the posthumous nickname of An Ferbasach, "The Conqueror" Kenneth's undisputed legacy was to produce a dynasty of rulers who claimed descent from him. Even though he cannot be regarded as the father of Scotland, he was the founder of the dynasty which ruled that country for much of the medieval period. His son Donald was then King and then Malcolm.


Robert I of Scotland

Malcolm I king of the Picts and Scots, Malcolm succeeded to the crown when his cousin Constantine II entered a monastery in 943. He annexed Moray to the kingdom for the first time.  After driving the Danes from York, the English king Edmund turned Cumbria over to Malcolm, apparently as a fief or seal of alliance. Later, when Norsemen again invaded the land, the Scots sent raids against the English, and in 954 the West Saxon king Eadred reunited the northern counties to his dominions. Malcolm was slain the same year during a rebellion in Moray. His wife was Lady Leinster.

Their son was Malcolm  II King of Scotland, who reigned from 1005 to 1034. Unlike the "King Duncan" of Shakespeare's Macbeth, the historical Duncan appears to have been a young man. He followed his grandfather Malcolm as king after the latter's death on 25 November 1034, without apparent opposition. He may have been Malcolm's acknowledged successor or tánaise as the succession appears to have been uneventful.


About the same time, Sigurd the Mighty was a leader of  the Viking conquest of Northern Scotland. His daughter was Queen Aefgifu who married Malcolm II. Their daughter was Bethoc Beatirx (1045-) and their son was King Duncan I of Scotland (1013-1045)

Robert III of Scotland

His son was Malcolm III King of Scotland  (1033-1093), his son was David I King of Scotland (1080-1153) . His son was Henry Huntingdon (1114-1152) then his son David Huntingdon (1144-1219) and his daughter Isabelle Huntingdon (1199-1252).  Her son was Robert Debruce (1210-1295) then his son Robert Debrus (1243-1304).

Robert the Bruce or Robert I King of Scotland (1274-1349).  became one of Scotland's greatest kings, as well as one of the most famous warriors of his generation, eventually leading Scotland during the Wars of Scottish Independence against the Kingdom of England. He claimed the Scottish throne as a four-greats-grandson of David I of Scotland. HIs daughter (Marjorie Bruce  1297-1316) Married Walter Stewart (1293-1316) and there son was King of Scotland (Stewart) Robert II (1316-1390) became King of Scots in 1371 — the first monarch of the House of Stewart.

His son was John Earl of Carrick or King Robert III of Scotland (1357-1406). His daughter was Mary Stewart (1380-1458) her son William Douglas (1399-1437) his son George Douglas (1415-1503) his son Archibald Douglas (1445-1498) then daughter Marion Douglas (1470-1542) her daughter Katherine Bellendon (1497-1568) her daughter Janet Bothwell (1534-1563) her son Robert Napier (1579-1633) daughter Anna Napier (1550) daughter Elizabeth Leckie (1580-1670)  son John Buchanan (1628-1682) and daughter Marrie Buchanen (1661) all still lived in Scotland)

Her son was Lazarus Lowry (1688-1755) who left Northern Ireland and settled in Pennsylvania and the rest of the family was in the US: Martha Lowry (1737), Sarah McConaughy (1765-1849) , Martha McCandless (1804-1880), Levi Miller (1830-1912), Oscar Miller (1875-1952), James Miller (1917-2008).

Starting with Robert Miller its 20 generations back to hit John Earl of Carrick (King Robert III) , go here and 38 generations will go all the way back to Kenneth I the first king of Scotland go here.


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From John Earl of Carrick (King Robert III) go back to his father Robert Stewart (King Robert II) and his mother Marjorie Bruce to her father Robert Bruce (Robert I) then his father (Robert DeBrus) and his father (Robert DeBruce) and his mother (Isabelle Huntingdon) and her father (David Huntingdon) then his father (Henry Huntingdon) to his father David I King of Scotland.and then his father Malcolm Conmore (Malcolm III) his father was Duncan I and his mother was Bethoc Beatrix and her father was Malcolm MacKenneth (Malcolm II) and is father Keneth II and his father Malcolm MacKenneth (Malcolm I).  His father was Donald Dasatach (Donald II) I and his father Constantine MacAlpin (Constantine I) son of Kenneth MacAlpin (Kenneth I),  go here