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These are  the PowerPoint  Slides that go with the Videos

  an introduction to cancer, cancer prevention
technology and medicine part 1 and part 2 Using the Internet to get Smarter 

anus cancer

bladder cancer
     disease, treatment options, radiation
bone metastases

      brain metastases, glioblastoma radiosurgery for brain metastases

breast cancer:
      understanding the diseasemaking treatment decisions ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), breast cancer staging 2018
cervix cancer
colon and rectal cancer:
      understanding the disease, radiation treatments
esophagus cancer:
       understanding the disease,    treatment options,   radiation therapy
gastric (stomach) cancer and radiation

head and neck cancer (mouth, throat, larynx):
      understanding the disease,  radiation treatment , HPV related, HPV 2019 Update

lung cancer:
      understanding lung cancer, radiation treatmentsradiosurgery (SBRT) small cell lung cancer
lymphoma and Hodgkin
      melanoma, radiation for melanoma
pancreas cancer
     understanding the disease and treatments, radiation for pancreas cancer
prostate cancer:
      understanding the disease, treatment decisions, radiation therapy, postOp radiation , deciding on active therapy in 2018 , screening update 2018 Gleason Score
skin cancer
uterine (endometrial cancer)
vulva cancer