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Some  good on-line medical calculators to predict cure rates, risks of spread and benefits of chemotherapy are noted below:

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  • Adjuvant online has survival and benefit calculators for breast, colon, lung
  • Breast cancer calculators here
  • Cancer Risk: from Harvard, various types of cancer
  • Cancer Risk from X-ray Exposure
  • Colon cancer risk of Lynch syndrome from Dana Farber
  • Head and Neck cancer survival here
  • Life Expectancy Calculators and Life Expectancy for the Elderly
  • Life expectancy lost from smoking here
  • Lung cancer risk is here
  • MD Anderson (breast,colon,esophagus, pancreas) here
  • Melanoma calculators
  • MGH has calculators for breast, melanoma, renal
  • Prostate cancer calculators are here
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering has nomograms for bladder,breast, colorectal,endometrial,  gastric,GIST,  lung, melanoma,ovary, pancreas,prostate,  renal (kidney) and sarcoma , thyroid, uterince sarcoma go here
  • Fox Chases has many cancer nomograms here (for kidney, prostate, bladder, adrenal)
  • Oregon: survival calcs for head and neck, rectal, thyroid, esophagus, oral, lung, biliary, gallbladder, pancreas here.
  • Cleveland Clinic multiple cancer site calculators here
  • Multiple cancer calcs from calulators.org here

read article about prediction models here, other medical calculators here
Medscape list of medical calculators is here
Other cancer nomograms here.

calculate the risk from medical imaging here
US Preventive Services Task Force has some calculator (apps)  information here