Online Breast Calculators

To calculate a woman's survival  odds at 10 years with or without taking adjuvant hormone therapy or chemotherapy go to Adjuvant Online or Finprog data here or use the calculator called Predict

Mass General has calculators for breast cancer and overall survival, then benefit from therapy and lymph nodes risks all here.

MDA Anderson has a number of breast calculators (risk of nodes, benefits of therapy and outcome) go here

To calculate the odds that the cancer has spread to the sentinel lymph nodes or other lymph nodes in the axilla go the site from Memorial Sloan-Kettering here , they also have calculators for the risk of additional lymph node mets and the risk of a relapse for DCIS.    Other sentinel node calculators here.

The risk of a recurrence after a mastectomy is here

To calculate the risk of ever getting breast cancer go to any of the following risk assessment calculators

breast cancer chemotherapy protocols here
more on cancer screening benefits by age and health from eprognosis here or estimating overall survival in older patients here


To calculate the risk of carrying the BRCA genes for breast cancer go to Myriad's site  here. For Another reliable risk calculator to determine the need for genetic counseling go here.

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